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True or false? Seasonal Lash Shedding is Real

True. Believe it or not, seasonal lash shedding is really a thing! Many people believe that they are born and die with the same set of eyelashes their whole lives. But this is not true. Just like the hair on your head and other parts of your body, your eyelashes are also constantly shedding and regrowing everyday. They follow a natural hair growth cycle. On average, people shed about 4-6 lashes per day and this is absolutely normal.

Lets break it down ! There are 3 phases of hair growth :

Phase 1 - The Anagen Phase is what you would refer to as the growth phase. These are the baby lashes that are just starting to poke out from the lash line. Lashes applied on this phase can be done, but must be applied with caution. We do not want to cause any premature damage. Remember the rule of thumb is to always maintain the integrity of the lashes. Try not to overload or overweigh the baby lashes!

Phase 2 - The Catagen Phase is the transition phase. This is where your natural lashes are about mid length and remain in this resting stage for the longest. Hence this is why it is most ideal to apply lashes here. Iit will retain the longest.

Finally Phase 3 - The Telogen Phase is the shedding stage. This is where your lashes are fully grown out and will shed. But do not worry, beneath is a anagen baby that is ready to pop out again. Finally the lashes will cycle through all 3 phases. Depending on the client, this is why you need to come back every 2, 3 or 4 weeks to refill your lash extensions.

During different seasons your lashes will grow at different rates. Like animals shedding during the summer season, your lashes naturally do the same thing during different seasons to adapt to different temperatures. In the winter, your hair growth will accelerate just as how animals do. During the summer, your lash growth will decelerate. Some may find that the humidity and heat from the sun may cause more sweating- which in return increases oil production in our skin. As we all know, oil is the worst enemy for lash gals. It is what causes the adhesive of the glue to de-bond - leading to poor retention. To counter this, we can be proactive, ensure lashes are thoroughly cleansed prior to each Infill appointment. Clean lashes equal lower oil production and better retention!

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