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Experience daily empowerment through our range of semi-permanent beauty solutions, designed to enhance your natural allure and bolster your confidence. At our establishment, Lashes By Tea Inc, we specialize in elevating your beauty regimen, offering everything from everyday eyelash extensions to smudge-proof 3D tattooed eyebrows. Our array of aesthetic solutions caters to diverse events, lifestyles, and personalities.

Dedicated to fostering inclusivity, we embrace and honor diversity within our team to better serve the distinctive preferences of our clientele. Should you ever desire a change in technicians, we wholeheartedly encourage open communication during your appointment. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring that the right expert tends to your individual needs, requirements, and style preferences without any hesitation or guilt. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.




Jenn is a seasoned professional boasting certifications in volume and classic lash extensions, lash lifts, and permanent makeup techniques, including eyeliner and the coveted 3D eyebrow tattoo (also known as microblading / micro-pigmentation). As a revered master trainer within our accredited aesthetician courses, Jenn remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly researching and adopting new practices to uphold the pinnacle of beauty standards—prioritizing quality, comfort, and endurance.

Drawing upon years of industry expertise, Jenn possesses an unparalleled ability to personalize and recommend the ideal eyebrow or lash shape, length, and curl tailored to accentuate your unique eye structure, skin tone, and lifestyle. Whether you seek a striking mega volume look or a subtle, natural set for day-to-day elegance, Jenn’s artistry in semi-permanent makeup is guaranteed to harmonize seamlessly with your distinct features.

Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and armed with over 9+ years of hands-on experience, Jenn executes every service with unwavering confidence. Clients trust her as the ultimate authority for mega, dramatic, and medium volume lash sets—earning her the esteemed reputation as the go-to expert in the field.



Introducing Vicki, a dedicated professional with professional certifications in both volume and classic lash extensions, as well as lash lifts; concurrently spearheading our administration. With a profound passion for beauty, backed by over two decades of invaluable customer service experience, Vicki's genuine love for people shines through in her work. Her meticulous attention to detail, coupled with an innate fondness for makeup, positions her as a standout technician, ensuring customers depart feeling not just content, but truly radiant and beautiful.

Vicki's mastery extends across the spectrum of lash services, showcasing her ability to flawlessly execute various techniques. However, among our esteemed clientele, Vicki holds a revered status as the go-to expert for medium to light volume and classic lash extension sets. Her specialized skill set and dedication to providing exceptional results consistently leave clients feeling exquisitely adorned and self-assured.



Meet Belle, a proficient professional boasting certifications in volume and classic lash extensions. Although newer to the aesthetics industry, Belle's unwavering passion for beauty fuels her dedication to mastering her craft. Her commitment to perfectionism propels her to take the necessary time to meticulously execute services with unparalleled precision, even if it means a slightly longer duration.

Belle's focus is not merely on the service itself but on the artistry behind it. She ardently endeavors to sculpt lashes that harmoniously complement each client's unique eye shape while safeguarding the health of their natural lashes. Above all, Belle's unwavering aspiration is client satisfaction, ensuring that every individual walks away feeling not just pleased but genuinely content.

While excelling in various lash techniques, Belle holds a distinctive reputation among our loyal clientele as the go-to expert for lash perms, as well as for creating light volume and classic lash extension sets. Her expertise lies not only in the service she offers but in the dedication and precision she employs, earning her clients' trust and admiration.

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